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Low Cost Auto Enrolment News


So, we should probably start off with the basics. What is a Workplace Pension? Well, a Workplace Pension allows you to save money for when you retire and is organised by your employer. Every time you get paid a percentage of that money will be put into your pension scheme as well as money from your employer and possibly even tax relief.

The face of workplace pensions changed in 2008 underneath the Pensions Act; every UK employer must now place their employees into a pension scheme and must pay into this scheme. This is otherwise known as Automatic Enrolment. This is a massive change for SME’s in the UK as it is now a compulsory act to perform if an employer has at least one member of staff.

Now, if you’re an employer worrying about how unprepared you are for automatic enrolment, don’t worry. This is what we’re here for. First you should find out when your company’s staging date is; this could be found out through various letters that should have been sent to the company or if not then use a staging date calculator.

Once you’ve gotten this figured out, the next step is to find out who is eligible for enrolment. You can find this out on the Need to Know about Auto-enrolment page of our Website. You will also need to assign somebody as the point of contact. This will be the person who receives all of the information and is kept up-to-date about the scheme.

The company will need to select a pension scheme whether it’s one that is already in place for the company or a brand new one; whatever is best suited then wait for the staging date to come around, but ensure that you are consistently kept up-to-date. Once your staging date has come around the employer will need to inform all staff about the auto-enrolment and give them all the information that is needed to make sure they are an active member to the scheme.

However, once the staging date has been and gone, this isn’t all the work done for the employer. The employer must continue to keep record of enrolment activities and monitor new staff. Trying to do all of this whilst maintaining your own company as well can be quite challenging; that’s why we’re here. Companies like ourselves will ensure that you’re up to scratch with everything auto-enrolment related, so you don’t have to worry about it.


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Recent Posts

Finding out your staging date

| 22nd December 2016 | Automatic Enrolment

Knowing when your company’s staging date is set, is obviously vital to the whole Automatic enrolment process. All employers will be given a staging date, which informs them as to when they need to be ready and prepared for auto-enrolment. To check your staging date, you may have gotten several letters in the post stating when your staging date is. If you have somehow misplaced these letters, then you can check the date via the employers staging date tool provided by The Pensions Regulator. All you’ll need is your PAYE reference number. You can find this on letters which you should have received from The Pensions Regulator, otherwise you can also find it on the letter HRMC sent to you when you first registered as an employer.  Your staging date will be dependent on a few factors, such as: What PAYE scheme the company uses and what the company’s largest PAYE scheme is. Another factor that determines when a company’s staging date is will be based off the number of employees in the company’s PAYE Scheme. It is possible for an employer to bring forward their staging date if they want it to fit in with their financial planning. To be able to do this they must know what their original staging date is and must notify The Pensions Regulator of their original staging date and what they would like to change this to. Employers can do this by using the online portal. If you want to know what to do once you’ve discovered your staging date stage, you can find information on this and this blog to help you with the next steps of automatic enrolment. But remember, we are here to help and take this weight off your shoulders by dealing with Automatic enrolment for you. You can contact us using our web form....

Auto Enrolment Made Easy

| 07th December 2016 | Automatic Enrolment

Automatic Enrolment can be a very tricky task to start let alone maintain. An employer has enough responsibility and many things to remember; to add another task on top of that can be overwhelming. That’s where we come in; we’re here to try and make Auto Enrolment as easy as possible for you, to explain it in simple terms and give you some little tips and tricks to make your life that little bit easier. Presuming that you know what a work place pension is we shall get straight into it. However, if you’re unsure then we explain it all in our previous blog post. What applies to me? An employer must provide a pension scheme if their employees are aged between 22 and the state pension age. Also, if employees earn over £833 per month a pension scheme must be provided. If these don’t apply to yourself or your company, then you do not have to provide a pension scheme but there may still be some responsibility that comes along with it.  There is an online duties checker which can be used to find out all of your own legal requirements. Still not sure what you need to do? Give us a call and we’ll talk you through it. Staging Dates All employers should have been given a staging date as to when they’ll need to enroll. The staging date is based off the number of employees in the company’s largest PAYE Scheme. The staging date can also be dependent on what PAYE scheme the business uses. It is possible for an employer to bring forward their staging date if they wish to do so for financial purposes and to match with their financial calendar. For an employer to bring forward their staging date they must know what their original date was which can be found out here. The employer must then notify The Pensions Regulator in writing (may include email) of their original staging date and what date they would like to change this to. This may also be done through the online portal which can be found on their website. Choosing your Pension Scheme Once the employer is satisfied with when their staging date is; then they can now decide which pension scheme is best suited for them and is suitable for automatic enrolment. This should be done around 6 months before your staging date. You may already have a pension scheme in place therefore you can check this one to see if it applies to the regulations. Employers can attain advice on what scheme may be best suited for the company and their employees. Employers must then enrol employees who are eligible for this scheme and then arrange a membership for certain workers. Once the pension scheme has been selected, its best for the employer to contact who offers this scheme and to find out about what they’re offering and ask any questions or queries such as; how it is set up. Employers will also need to send data to the pension scheme so that the process can begin. Informing staff Within six weeks of the company’s staging date, as an employer, you are obligated to personally write to all staff members about Automatic Enrolment and how it will apply to them. Declaration Once all the previous steps have been completed all employers must declare their compliance. This will consist of stating how an employer has met all their legal duties and must be completed within five months after a company’s staging date. Regardless of your business size, or your staging date we are here to help by providing you with the best option, and great service. If you are ready to start your company’s Auto Enrolment process contact us today....

Two Great Opportunities To Find Out Everything You Need To Know About Auto Enrolment

| 29th July 2016 | Blogging

 There are now two great opportunities to find out what you want to know about Auto Enrolment. Low Cost Auto Enrolment Ltd are hosting two separate occasions for employers to find out more and the costs and options available to them. Auto Enrolment Clinic - there are just 4 morning and 4 afternoon one hour sessions available for 1:1 advice clinics. Come with questions and get the jargon, costs and all the options covered for free. Availability is on a first come, first served basis so book now. Torbay Office (Covering Exeter and East Devon, Somerset) – Wednesday 17th August (between 09:00 – 17:00) at Torbay Financial Services, Harmsworth House, Barton Hill Road, Torquay, TQ2 8JN. Contact Paul Ginley for more information or to reserve your place. 01803 220 418 Ivybridge Office (Covering South Hams, Plymouth and Cornwall) – Wednesday, 7th September (between 09:00 – 17:00) at Unit 7, The Watermark, Erme Court, St Lennard’s Road, Ivybridge, PL21 9UU. Contact David Cater for more information or to reserve your place. 01752 891927 Auto Enrolment clinics are completely free and held on a 1:1 basis. Mark B, owner of a rural craft centre said, “its so helpful to know that I can ask any questions and get answers that I can understand and can make a decision as to how I’m going to tackle this as is mandatory, I want to get the best for my business.” Paul J, a restauranteur from Exeter said, “I can get the info and know that I’m not obligated.”   It couldn’t be simpler: contact us by clicking here and either Paul or David will get back to you....

HMRC’s Auto Enrolment and me. It finally happened!

| 24th June 2016 | Blogging

Auto Enrolment Notice Landed It finally happened! After months or is it years of government advertising we have been given a staging date for auto enrolment next April, 2017. Despite having been aware we realised we had a number of questions about the impact on the business. Where on earth do we start or what action do we take if any at this point? Are there any cost benchmarks or help with the process. It seemed to be a good opportunity to review pensions and look at the options and implications. There seems to be a range of costs depending on who you know and how late you have left things. Perhaps you can get a better deal for your staff without it costing you more than the government NEST scheme? If you have an IFA (independent financial advisor) you should perhaps start there. A good IFA will tell you about the process, provide various options and then steer you through the process. What you will pay depends on the amount of admin and management support you want. Your staff will certainly know how any fund is performing against the default government NEST scheme and take an interest in how their pensions are performing when they’re making a contribution to. It’s probably a good idea to introduce the process and engage staff, letting them know that this is obligatory and that you are going to get the best deal you can rather than leaving it to the default government scheme which most of the commentators that I have spoken to think is lacklustre at best. Business owners who have engaged their staff in this process and used it as an opportunity to add a staff benefit have told me that this has had a positive effect on their business. Staff feel more valued if this handled well. Why not start by having a free chat with Paul about the process and some of the options? Many local companies of all sizes, in particular, some of the larger ones went through the process last year and Low Cost Auto Enrolment Ltd have over 26 years pensions specialising in helping business owners....


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David Cater - Dip PFS -
Independent Financial Adviser


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